Braille Signage

Merv Jennings Signs Braille signage systems are designed to comply with all the relevant standards including BSA. When considering the purchase of a braille tactile sign it wise to consider the nature of the sign needs to be hard wearing, generally suit the interior design of the building and of course primarily suit the needs of the vision impaired. There are many methods of manufacturing Braille signs for the Australian market including: Profile cut plastic sheeting with embedded spheres forming the braille characters and clear and concise text in raised tactile lettering. All of these forms must consider the user and allow the user to feel the braille dots and lettering with soft rounded corners.

Merv Jennings Signs manufacturers a variety of braille and tactile signs experience inside manufacturing for over 50 years we have prepared a bit of a checklist for you to help your purchase of braille tactile signs.

  • • Ensure the sign manufacturer makes Braille Signs to conform to Australian Standards AS1428.1
  • • Ensure the sign manufacturer makes Braille Signs and Tactille signs to conform to the Building Code of Australia D3.6
  • • Ensure the sign manufacturer makes Braille Signs to in accordance with the criteria set by the Australian Braille Authorities and bodies
  • • The braile and tactile signage should be approved by and specified by Government Bodies
  • • Ask your sign supplier if their Braille and tactile sign system is specified by architectism, building specifiers and authorized braille personnel.
  • • Braille signs need to be hard wearing, impervious to a wide range of cleaning products and solvents due to he harsh wearing characteristics of regular touch.
  • • Looks for fire & vandal resistant braille signs to offer the longevity you need
  • • Braille and tactille signs should be Australian Made to ensure they comply to the Australian Standards AS1428.1
  • • Look for long Warranties like a 3 Year Product Guarantee on your braille signs.
  • • Ensure your selected Braille and Tactille sign supply can deliver custom braill signs to suit your sites

  • Most of all with your braille and tactile sign look for a professional long standing sign manufacturere who understands all facets of signage with a focus to deliver ALL your Braille and tactile sign needs while knowing general signage as well.