Meet Our Staff!!

Merv Jennings Signs has a real soul, our people! Like a lot of Aussie small to medium signs businesses, at the very heart of our business is our people - without their dedication, effort and just the way they love what they do inspires us to come to work every day!

Plus our valuable skilled sign network of reliable and trusted interstate specialist sign sub-contractors for your National Projects. Call us on (03) 5272 1400, email one of our sales team. We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you with your next project.



Favourite Quote: I'm always late to work, but I make up for it by leaving early.
Who: The quiet achiever
Likes: Border Collies, travelling, family, eating out.
Dislikes: Spiders & Tissues in washing
Wish List: World Peace



Favourite Quote: He likes to do that, all the time.
Who: Outgoing
Likes: Water, Fitness, Sports & Animals
Dislikes: People being late, Hangovers
Wish List: Win Tattslotto


Printing Guru

Favourite Quote: I'm not here to tow you to paris.
Likes: Cycling, Music, Camping.
Dislikes: Time Wasters
Wish List:



Favourite Quote: Here for a good time - not a long time
Who: Thoughtful
Likes: Great Restaurants, Cold Beer & Holidays.
Dislikes: 3 legs of quaddie
Wish List: Beach House


Art Department

Favourite Quote: Don't think - do!
Who: Peter Pan
Likes: Music, Football & Good company.
Dislikes: Selfishness
Wish List: A happy family & a long retirement.